Discipleship Road Map

If you were heading out on a long trip, you would likely find a good road map to help you along the way. A road map is a picture of where you’ve been, where you are going, and provides context for where you are at right now.

The road map below will help you on your journey of discipleship. Eventually, as you travel through the various teaching topics and sections, you will become more comfortable with your studies, and will eventually begin to dive into deeper Bible study as the Lord leads you. This road map, however, will serve as a good starting point for you. If you find yourself struggling along the way or getting lost, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is a work in progress. You will find areas of the site that have been outlined, but not yet developed. Be patient. We are working hard to add new content on a continual basis. If you see an area of FFCGrow.com that is not yet developed, check back. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Starting Point

It’s often been said that the longest journey still begins with one step. That’s where you find yourself right now–at the starting point. This section is filled with resources that will help you fill in the gaps and begin to understand just what it means to “be a Christian.” Perhaps you’ve never read a page of the Bible, or stepped foot in a church. Don’t worry. We’ll go slow and steady.

  • What Is Discipleship
  • Discipleship Road Map
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Basic Training
    • Your Life in Christ
    • The Story of the Bible
    • How We Got Our Bible
    • How to Study the Bible
  • Basic Doctrines, Creeds, and Catechisms
    • Doctrines of the Bible
    • Historic Creeds
      • The Apostles Creed
      • The Nicene Creed
    • Catechisms
      • The Heidelberg Catechism
      • The Belgic Confession


Connected to Grow

While resources like books, websites, videos, audio, and a myriad of other teaching methods are abundant today, nothing can replace the importance of relationship in the discipleship process. God uses our brothers and sisters in Christ to grow us and stretch us, just as He will use you to grow others and stretch others.

Getting involved in a good church like First Family is a great first step, but you will find it difficult to develop deeper, meaningful relationships apart from a small group. At First Family, we call our small groups Lighthouses. This name is significant, because we see each home in our community as a light for the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a building, First Family can only occupy one place–our facility on S.E. Magazine Road. As a church, however, we occupy homes across Central Iowa. For, you see, the church is made up of the people who call First Family home. The church is not a building, and our Lighthouses represent just that–a source of Light in an otherwise darkened neighborhood.

Each Lighthouse consists of from 8-16 adults, all under the care and guidance of a trained leader. Each Lighthouse is committed to the same values: prayer, fellowship, the study of the Bible, and serving our community.

To begin your journey towards spiritual maturity, it is essential that you become a part of a small group. To get started, we’ve prepared several resources to help you find the right group. The place to begin, is to complete this form and let us know you are interested, and provide a little information about what day and time will work best for you.

Small Group Ministry at First Family:

  • Lighthouse Ministry Overview
  • Finding A Lighthouse
  • Lighthouse Leader Connection
  • Lighthouse Ministry Resources


Equipped to Serve

Few things bring greater earthly reward than serving the Lord in an area you are passionate about. Whether this is the joy of teaching young children about Jesus, caring for the hurting and needy, sharing the hope of the gospel with someone without hope, or lifting your voice in song and leading others in worship. Ministry is where you begin to give back a portion of what the Lord has so abundantly given to you.

One misconception that we sometimes hold when it comes to ministry is that ministry must happen within the walls of a church building. Nothing could be further from the truth. God may give you a burden to help young, single mothers dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, or become a part of a disaster recovery team that heads into cities ravaged by a hurricane, tornado, or flood and provides food and assistance like chain saw gangs or mud out crews.

First Family has a proven process of helping you discover your passion and gifts. It’s a lot easier than you think, and when you are finished, you will likely find yourself involved in an area of ministry that pushes all of the right buttons for you.

Ministry Development Opportunities:

  • Ministry Overview
  • Wired
  • Volunteer Central
  • Areas of Ministry


Trained to Lead

One of our core values at First Family is growing and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders from within the church. Leadership development at First Family is accomplished through two processes:

  • E3 Mentorship Program: E3 stands for Enter, Experience, Exit, and is the foundation of our leadership development ministry at First Family. Each year, the Elders of First Family bring new leaders into the mentoring process and help develop both their skills and character for service in the local church. Participants of E3 are future deacons, elders, lighthouse leaders, teachers, and campus pastors at one of First Family’s satellite campuses.
  • First Family Bible Institute: FFCBI provides systematic teaching to help prepare believers understand and teach the Bible. Students with FFCBI will eventually have the opportunity to complete three certificate programs that will equip them with the knowledge and ability to correctly interpret Scripture and effectively communicate the Bible to others.

Leadership Training Opportunities:

  • First Family Bible Institute
  • E3 Leader Mentoring

Lifelong Learning

Whether you are in your 20s or in your 80s, you should never stop growing spiritually and intellectually. As we’ve stated many times on this site, your journey to spiritual maturity is a lifelong journey. In this section, we provide a number of resources to help further equip you and train you. From improving your parenting skills to in-depth studies of books of the Bible, you will find both variety and depth.

Resources for Lifelong Learning:

  • First Family Online Learning: First Family Online Learning is a growing library of Christian teaching resources. Most of the courses are video-based, and cover a wide variety of topics. You will need to register for a username and password to access the site, but access is free of charge.
  • First Family Bookstore: Through the First Family Bookstore, we provide recommended books that will help you grow and increase your knowledge of the Bible. New books are added all the time, so if there is a topic you are interested in, be sure to check out the bookstore. If you can’t find a book that meets your needs, contact us and we will try to help you.


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