Spiritual Assessment Overview

The Spiritual Health Assessment and Spiritual Health Planner measures your health at a particular point in time. It is not a tool to see how you measure up against other people; nor is it a tool to see how close you are to perfection. We all know we’ll never be perfect this side of heaven. Rather, this is a tool that will help you evaluate your spiritual health, and give you direction for developing a plan to help you grow into the mature Christian God desires for you to be.

Getting Started

1. Take the Spiritual Health Assessment.

If you haven’t already taken the Spiritual Health Assessment , stop right now and take it [click here]. The assessment will give you a snapshot of your spiritual health, and pinpoint areas that may be out of balance. This will help you identify the areas you would like to work on and those in which you are strong. We also highly recommend that you email the Friend Feedback Assessment form to a a friend or spouse to and ask him/her to fill it out for you. Just as with your physical health, it can often be helpful to get a second opinion.

2. Find the Area of Ministry You Want to Work On.

Find the area you would like to work on by transferring your assessment scores to the Spiritual Health Plan (print here). We suggest you work on either the area with the lowest score on your Spiritual Health Assessment, or on a purpose the Holy Spirit may be nudging you to consider. When you have selected the area, click on the corresponding resource page below for more information.

3. Choose a Crawl, Walk, or Run Step to Get Started.

On each instruction page, you will find a table for the area of focus with a beginning step (craw), an intermediate step (walk), and a more advanced step (run) for each of the questions found in the Spiritual Health Assessment. Pick the step or steps you want to take for the area you have chosen to work on. You will also find a resource page for each ministry area with recommended books, small group studies, classes, and practical suggestions that will take you further in your growth.

4. Transfer the Steps to Your Spiritual Health Plan.

Transfer the steps you have chosen to the Spiritual Health Plan (print here).

5. Find a Spiritual Partner.

Many of us start out with good intentions but lack the discipline to follow through with our plans. Make it a point to pair up with a spiritual partner who can help you follow through on the growth steps you have chosen to take. A Spiritual Partner is an individual, usually of the same gender, who is committed on an ongoing basis to helping you deal with life and all that it offers. This person should be a good friend who encourages you, helps with accountability when needed, and actively supports you as you take spiritual risks and face challenges unique to your life. One of your fellow Lighthouse members is likely to be this kind of friend.

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